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 The Officers Corner. Who we are.

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PostSubject: The Officers Corner. Who we are.   Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:21 pm

Hello All,

I would like to start off with saying this game is great. I am Disabled with cronic back pain and constant migrane headaches. You will usually find my toons logged in at all time. OMG-No life out of Shaiya. LoLz. Due to my back it if very hard to move around for any long period of time.

After 2 weeks of being here and coming in as a Rank #2 officer I'm really injoying this change in Guild. I was a former Rank #4 member in ET until one of the officers there, that Ive had long time dislike issues with for over 2 years KICKED ME. After speaking with TJ about his rouge acts and long term harasment to myself and son. We decided to not return to ET. Due to my vast game experiance and Thundar knowing me for a long time in game. He allowed me the opertunity to make KoE my new home. TY Thundar - I love not having all the Large Guild Drama of ET. This nice small home style fealing from KoE is a very welcome change for me.

As you all can see. My Avatar is also posted as a LvLing Addict - I HAVE/WILL continue to wear that Badge of play forever. So be ready. How did I earn the right to that title. I have 2x HM 60's. 5x UM 60's with as of today also a 59UM soon to join my 60's. Ooooh and best of all. Have you ever had ppl leave YOUR party and tell you? Sorry you move to much and dont take enough breaks for me. Im going to find another pty. WELL HAVE YOU?
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Proud Officer of KoE
Proud Officer of KoE

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PostSubject: Re: The Officers Corner. Who we are.   Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:09 pm

My Name is John and Iím 45 yrs old. This is my 2nd marriage. Iíve been married to a wonderful and beautiful wife (Darlene) for 10 years now
and loving every minute of it. We have our 2nd Golden Retriever named ďMaggie MayĒ. Our 1st Golden Retriever (Murphy) died from cancer. But the Drís
were able to give us 2 yrs before we had to put him asleep.

Iím currently disabled with Syncope, Migraines, Mania, and PTSD. Iím usually online most days (unless RL interrupts my Shaiya playing). Grrrr I hate it when
that happens. Need less to say. I work as a Telecommunications Engineer.

Iím a pretty laid back and easy going, fun loving guy, for the most part. But there r several things I canít put up with. Lying, stealing, sexual or sexuality
comments, abusive foul words done in bad taste, hackers, racism, etc... (In any form, joking or not) canít take back something you say in chat is a joke in this
instance. Remember, we have people from all walks of life, age ranges, nationalityís, sexualities ext...) If I see anybody showing any of the items Iíve listed
above, I will immediately give you a warning and you will be given rank 8, which means Probation. If they continue to that behavior, they will then be removed

Weíre operating on the 3 strike rule. Reading the guild rules and breaking 1 of them is Strike 1. Continuing to use them Strike 2 (Put on probation, assigned Rank Cool.
Still using them (Strike 3) and you will be removed from the guild permanently.

have served as both Officer and Guild Leader/Manager. I've formed alliances with other guilds which made both of our guilds stronger in PVP, PVE, and Boss Raids.
Like they say, "There's strengths in numbers".

Iím very encouraged by the KoE members and their resiliency to adapt to an ever changing environment. This is a tuff time for us all, as the guild restructures, reorganizes,
and puts a strong tracking system to benefit it's memebers. Please remember, things that happen right now are just growing pains and will NOT last long. So just stick in
there and I guaratee you, you'll be glad you did.

[NOTICE] Not sure if anybody else has noticed this or not. But, members who have left the guild over the past 3 weeks have re-applied to come back to the guild. That in
and of itself speaks volumes for this guild! Everyone should be proud to be a member and encourage their friends to join KoE.

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Proud Officer of KoE
Proud Officer of KoE

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PostSubject: Re: The Officers Corner. Who we are.   Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:08 am

Hello All,

I'll start this off with at the time being im currently unemployed and don't have much of life outside of Video games. Most my friends live an hour away since i moved and i can't afford the gas money to see them. I've spent the last 2 years or so playing Shiaya, with about a year and half+ of it in this guild if i remember right. I've been an officer in this guild since before most of the others even joined the guild lol. I only say that cause i have a bad memory sometimes and cant rememeber when i got officer status, which is why if i ask you something 2 days ago and ask again im sorry about that i tend to forgot somethings frequently. Hints why my spelling sucks cause i cant remember words in my head very well .

Anyways im pretty laid back guy normally don't have issues with anyone unless they have issues with me. I'm currently working on my first toon to 60 on the game so i've been pretty quite in guild chat as of late and focused on grinding to achieving my goal to that!!!. So if it's late at night for people that live in the U.S. im grinding most of the night so just shoot me a PM if you need help with anything or have question I'll be happy to answer them best i can or have another Officer help if i can't. Most of the time where on Skype all night so it's easy for us to communicate with each other and help best we can. I normally don't have any problem plvl other guildies toons if im not busy. I normally throw a heads up in Guild Chat if im doing plvls or don't mind helping guildies lvl so keep an eye out .

So i guess in closing im on a lot during the afternoon/night hours depending on when i finally fall asleep . If there's anything else you would like to know just ask me in game or PM on forums. Cya all on game and lets kick some Fury butt at PVP !!!!!


P.S. i didn't like English in school so this probably looks bad to others in a letter format like thing XD.
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Officer n Admin
Officer n Admin

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PostSubject: Re: The Officers Corner. Who we are.   Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:52 am

hi everyone my name is joseph im 41yrs old. I've been playing the game for almost 3 yrs now im i've had Leadership of this guild for about alttle over a yr now an i've enjoyed it even tho it has its ups an downs as it does on a daily fashion but then there r days that it pretty quiet but i like to do lot of other things play pool even tho i had an advantage of it when i was a teenager i had 2 game rooms an a skating rink i like bowling from time to time i cant see to well an just thing ur settng there going what u cant see to well that i cant i wish i could tho so if u guys need something in guild chat if i miss it which i do ask someoneto like dobe to say something to me im always on skype with one of the officers But in all i have a 4 wonderful kids one is 19,7,5 and 3 yr old and man im must be doing something wrong there all girls, but there a blessing to me an as well to Autumn, so anyway if u guys need me for anything like to just to talk or help with stuff too im always free to listen and i hope thats u guys have fun playing the game as much as i do and also being ur Guild Leader so once again have fun and ty


designed by FOXY

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Active Member
Active Member

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PostSubject: A lil bit about me   Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:38 pm

Howdy Yawl,

Ok for them there peoples dat dun knows me, I''m a Down home Country Gentleman, somewhat shy and reserved until ya gets ta know me. I guess you could say that I'm a people pleaser, unless ya get on my bad side....Then ya better watch out. I can run the gambit from nice too down right Evil, I will do what needs too be done without hesitation, That includes kicking deadweight in the arse fast and hard. A few have called me the KoE Enforcer or the Hatchet Man, as I do the Dirty work Razz

Some of my Pet pev's are People that tag on ya and go afk in the middle of a plvl, Just so ya know....Taging me " Makes my Comp Lag Out and Disconnect " usually n the middle of a big pull and people just seem too DIE!! as a result, OMG did I do that??? o.0 .

People that leech exp in a party, ie do nothing but stick around for the Experience ( talking non plvl party here )-- More than once I have been Given lead because no one else wants too "be the bad guy " and Kick someone. I will tell em GIVE ME LEAD!!! I'll Kick There arse with a quickness. and when I get lead they get the speech " you are the weakest link...Buh Bye !! ", followed by a Kick and the pulling of a new party member into the group.

I do a good bit of Farming for Gear and enhancement items, and Plvl'ing , help with events and whatever else is asked of me by the guild. You will see me Give out goodies in GC for free too guildies that want them, mind you these are good items I could probally get a decent price for in the ah, I'm just a bit lazy when it come too the AH and Feel as though it's better too give them too Guildies, at least that way its being of help. I dun really need the gold and I usually NPC stuff rather than throw it up in the ah.

I'm 40 years old, and retired. I never Married though I had plenty of chances too do so, I don't have any kids (knock on wood ) I am still afraid there is gonna be a knock on the door one day and a lil kid's gonna be there with a note pinned too thier shirt and they'll say " HI Daddy" * shiver *

I like my video games as my avatar suggests. I play all kinds of FPS,RPG's, MMORPG's, AA, Driving and Sports related ps2 & 3 Xbox type games, Computer games etc.

I love too play pool, go bowling, catch the occasional movie and hang with friends, I am still looking for "Mrs. Right" and do my fair share of dating. I play Acoustic Guitar, and dabble with the piano/keybooards, Been playing the guitar since I was 10 years old.

Although I seem outgoing online I am really sorta Kinda of a shy kinda guy in reallife. I am a "silent" Philosopher and think about ideas and situations that are going on the world but rarely if ever comment about it.

Well thats about all I "care" too "share" atm lol

If ya need help or have any questions about the game or anything else that I can be of help with please don't be afraid too ask me, I will help ya ifin I can.

I would also encourage you too come too me with any trouble you may have within the guild or with your guildies, I will do my best too resolve the issue and if needed I can get ahold of someone who can if I cannot with a quickness, Ya Just gotta Inform me of the situation.


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PostSubject: Re: The Officers Corner. Who we are.   Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:36 pm

Heya all,

My real name is Talon, and live it the great state of wisconsin X.X
I am 15 (goin to be 16 in Sept. ^.^). I just like to hang out n be with friends, and I have been out with the later more recently and also customising my new car. It lots of fun :p

Soo... more about me... i like building stuff (working on building a game atm as well, but i am getting messed up so idk, think i need to hand it off to a friend for help X.X, but i also like building stuff ex. cars, furnature, swords O.O), working out, chilling with friends, and the movie theater. There really isn't anything to do in my small town. I like to play my guitar when i have time, but I have little of that these days :/.

But yea, not really much of a history worth saying :p well, I was football captain last year on JV and they wanted me to be capt this year for Varsity, but I am not going to be playing. The team is just full of preps n hated me cause i got capt and i was better then them ( really was one of 5 people that made it so we had a 500 season, the others are quitting as well) so it will be fun to watch them struggle and fail horribly. <-- the lesson is don't keep playing on a team that treats ya like crap.

I was getting burnt out on shaiya before with all my low level hm's taking lots of time to level and its soo repetitive. But being away a bit is helping.
I have been playing on and off since shaiya first came out (forgot mostly everything before i came on this last time like some 7 mont
hs ago)

But yea, thats me. I believe i have went on long enough XP
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Still Fresh Member
Still Fresh Member

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PostSubject: Its WitchiPoo   Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:13 pm


Well Ello Lovies

Feel like such an oldster now so not gonna disclose my age. My Life can b described as a Comedy of Errors, if i don't try and find the Humor in all situations, it would b a Bloody Tragedy.

I am the Mother of 5 sumtimes wonderfull children, ages 25,17,15,14, & 9.
and run a 2.5 mil department for a major retailer, so if u dont c me often or at odd hrs thats y.

I have been Addicted to games for as long as i can remember, I think it comes from those Saturday nites when we had family time and would play board games b4 The Wild Kingdom would come on.

Have been a part of Shaiya for the past 2.5 yrs. Was in a mega Guild here for almost 2 yrs and held Council position there, but all the petty insquabbling and cliques and selfeshness drove me away. Took a walk on the Darkside but now im back with a vengence and appreciate the opportunity to b a part of this great growing guild.

I have played all the classes here but honestly love being a Priestess, and for my Kamikazi moods u will find me on my Defender.

I will always try and answer any questions that i can , just remember tho if on my priestess and rockin probably not paying attn to gc too much.

And last but not least I will always b willing to help lvl ur toons....BUT... plz Do Not Tag meh... and Do Not go AFK...Thats just Disrespectful to sum1 who is trying to help ya.

Peace All
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PostSubject: the tidbits of TRee   Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:23 am

Who: Ďello my name is TRee, yes the T and the R are capital letters on purpose. =p No itís not my real name. Iím sorry, I will not disclose my real name, it has bad memories attached and Iíd rather be called TRee. And YES, TRee is actually my Real Life nickname, although if you are in a Skype call with me you might hear my parents call me monkey (an old nickname from when I was like 5 years old or around there.) If you feel you must know a name then use Dantae DeHuett for it is a name I made up LONG ago for a LARP (Live Action Role Play) I used to be a part of. Currently I am 24, but my birthday is in March. Hoot! go Pisces. =D. I see myself as a spoiled little girl that gets majority of the things she wants. Dad asked me what type vehicle I wanted, I told him a truck and he gave me a 4-wheel drive, v-8 Dodge Dakota.

What: For the time being all I really do is play Shaiya. I quit my job after breaking up with the ex-fiancťe, and moved back home with my mommy and daddy. Very rarely I can be found playing a game called Minecraft (itís kinda like building bloxs on the computer) .

When: I have been playing Shaiya since October of 2010, and joined KoE I believe it was the second day I was playing after downloading the game. I am an undiagnosed insomniac that spends time playing Shaiya instead of laying in bed wondering why I canít sleep. Although when I do fall asleep I can sleep between 10-16 hours... never really sleep more than that.

Where: Currently I live in Texas, with my mommy and daddy. Due to Lack of a Job, and no longer with the ex, dad said I could move back home. So here I am living in my old room.

Why: I get addicted to video games relatively easy. Mom says my family has the addictive trait. =p. I used to play a game called Runescape. My addiction to that game caused me to fail 3 of my 4 college courses. Then the ex-fiancťe (was with him at the time) talked me into playing World of Warcraft (back in vanilla wow). I played that game until about 2 weeks or so before Cataclysm came out. I lived with most of the changes they did to the game (most of the changes dumbed down the game) until I finally got fed up with them adding something one week just to change it or get rid of it entirely the next. Fed up with that game (which btw I had a lvl 70 priest, 69 hunter, 65 mage, 65 druid, 70 shaman, and a few others) FOR THE HORDE!! Quit playing that and was looking for a new game to play.. did a google search for games and found Shaiya. It seemed interesting so I downloaded it. Been playing ever since!

How: You might hear me complain of my slow loading screens. Iím pretty sure itís due to me playing on a laptop. My personal laptop is currently a Dell Inspiron 1525. More or less custom built off the Dell websiteÖ (I kinda was able to say yeah I want this in it, the better one of these, no not really that oneÖ etc.) When need be I do have another laptop at my disposal, but it is my daddyís and older than mine, and also it likes to blue screen. x.x

Random other tidbits of information about me: I am a very emotional person, and quite empathetic. I like all animals; currently we have 2 cats, a dog and a turtle. Favorite animal of all times is a turtle, if you want to hear the story behind that, ask me. Favorite color is GREEN. Favorite pattern is camouflage (hints the TRee nickname. =p). I have undiagnosed Insomnia and OCD, itís undiagnosed because I havenít seen a doctor over it. But I am fairly certain I have OCD because of the random things I catch myself doing, and for the Insomnia, just check in guild 85% of the time Iíd probably be on one of my characters. =p. I blame my mother for the reason I call everyone sunshine. She answers her phone that way and it always makes me smile, and so I started calling everyone sunshine. So donít be offended or whatever if I call you sunshineÖ I call everyone that. =D. Then again, that doesnít mean youíre not special. Iím sure there is more about me that I could tell yaíll but then what would we discuss later on down the road? =p.

Have fun yaíll!! If there is anything you need to talk to someone about, Iím almost always around and am willing to listen, although sometimes itís hard to heal and reply in a reasonable time frame.

(>**)> d(^.^)b <(**<)
~Officer in Training~

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Proud Officer of KoE
Proud Officer of KoE

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PostSubject: Re: The Officers Corner. Who we are.   Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:06 am

I guess i finally get to do this...

My name is Jason Baio im currently 18 my birthday is april 3rd AND DONT FORGET IT!! jkjk

i live at home with my mom. my father died a while back. i dont like to get into that unless its with some i really like and can trust. i am the in-game son of our leader Autumn.

I've been in KoE for a long time. I started out in TGB back when it was a real guild. I left TGB cause i had some real issues with the guild leader. i was on my own for a while till i met my in-game sister Cheerwine(no longer plays) we came to KoE which is where i met Joe, Autumn and Final(former guild leader, nolonger plays).

im a bit of a player on shaiya. ive been married 4 times in-game and ive hosted many more weddings. if u want to have a wedding come to me and ill get it set up.

There were long periods that i couldnt play Shaiya because my computer was stolen so everytime i come back im afraid some may have happpend. which sadly it did. the last time i came back the guild had disbanded. i was freaking out and screamed for an hour, "wheres my guild!, Wheres my friends!" thats when i asked i ran into Autumn and found out what happend. the guild disbanded because of problems. but now we've reformed and were better than ever.
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PostSubject: Re: The Officers Corner. Who we are.   

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The Officers Corner. Who we are.
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