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 Enchament Items to save.

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PostSubject: Enchament Items to save.   Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:50 am

This is a work in progress. If you get a new weapon or enchament item, please let me know.

Info compled by PBC333 on Aerias site:

Iíve listed the items in alphabetical order along with which armor, then which weapons it is used for. It does not appear to matter if the armor or weapon is base or slotted (noble, worship, heroic, dread, legendary, goddess), the same item is needed to enchant it. Ultimately Iíd like to add which mobs have the best drop rate. Vault Guildís Merchant in the Bootleggery/Auction area sells some enchant items.

Adamars Stone: Sylma, Ebony, Wilarin Helm (lvl 37); Legion, Serche, Ysilom Caps (lvl 37)

Black Magician Bloodstone : Ogerthon Leggings (lvl 57 Warrior/Guardian) (thank you Weelildragon), Daynorth, Ophiston, Raffinert Pants (lvl 57); Ogerthon, Treffers, Teneran Leggins (lvl 57)

Black Magician Rune : Ogerthon Armor (top) (lvl 58 Warrior/Guardian) (thank you Weelildragon), Daynorth, Ophiston, Raffinert Armor (lvl 58); Ogerthon, Treffers, Teneran Protector (lvl 58)

Blood Crystal: Mithril, Freya, and Sephiroth Pants (lvl 45); Nevel Leggins (lvl 40), Mithril, Syron, Tatoram Leggings (lvl 45)

Cursed Magic Leather : Adamas Boots (lvl 51),(thank your Ravier) and Anor Boots (lvl 51) (thank you traktor48), Dragon Boots (thanks soulidarity); Adamas, Hermit, Python Walker (lvl 51)

Dark Core: Anor Pants (lvl 52) (thank you traktor48), Dragon Pants (thanks soulidarity) Adamas, Anor, Dragon pants (lvl 52); Adamas, Hermit, Python Leggins (lvl 52)

Dark Mage Stone : Dragon Armor (lvl 53) (thanks soulidarity), Adamas, Anor, Dragon Armor (lvl 53); Adamas, Hermit, Python Protector (lvl 53)

Demon Core: Kite Shield (lvl 19); Spike Guard (lvl 19)

Desert Animal Leather : Ogerthon Walker (lvl 56 Warrior/Guardian) (thank you Weelildragon), Daynorth, Ophiston, Raffinert Boots (lvl 56); Ogerthon, Treffers, Teneran Walker (lvl 56)

Desert Crystal : Ogerthon Muffler (lvl 55 Warrior/Guardian) (thank you Weelildragon) and Daynorth Gauntlet (lvl 55) (thank you traktor 48), Daynorth, Ophiston, Raffinert Gauntlets (lvl 55); Ogerthon, Treffers, Teneran Muffler (lvl 55)

Diabolic Core : Steel Castle Shield (lvl 49) (thank you Ravier), Blood Messiah (lvl 49)

Dragonite Stone : Gold Hope and Elysium (lvl 55, daggers)

Essence Of Witch: Plate, Terra, and Tathar Armor (tops) (lvl 25); Axo, Hearth, Lusco Protector (lvl 25)

Eternal Essence: Metal, Hard Leather, and Quine Boots (lvl 16), Metal, Hard Leather, and Quine Pants (lvl 17); Scale, Metrin, Hive Walker (lvl 16), and Scale, Metrin, Hive Leggings (lvl 17)

Foolís Gold: Mirage, Unicorn, and Loxe Gauntlets (lvl 29); Anga, Morcelle, Terron Muffler (lvl 29)

Gertine Stone: Elven Aqua Sword (fighter lvl 43 epic), Elven Aqua Wand (lvl 45 epic staff, thank you traktor48)

Ghost Core: Eltaphen Shield (lvl 25); Barbed Guard (lvl 25)

Ghost Crystal: Lvl 29-32 weapons (except the lvl 31 staff) and lvl 26 staff

Ghost Essence: Mirage, Unicorn, and Loxe Pants (lvl. 31); Anga, Morcelle, Terron Leggings (lvl 31)

Gold Magic Silk: Mithril, Freya, and Sephiroth Boots (lvl 44); Mithril, Syron, Tatoram Walker (lvl 44)

Gold Powder: Mithril, Freya, and Sephiroth Armor (tops) (lvl 46), Anor Gauntlet (lvl 50) (thank you traktor48), Dragon Gauntlet (thanks soulidarity), Adamas, Anor, and Dragon Gauntlet (lvl 50); Iron Will (lvl 25), Mithril, Syron, Tatoram Protector (lvl 46), Mithril, Syron, Tatoram Muffler (lvl 50), Csiplon Dragon, Laughtier Muffler (lvl 45), Csiplun Guard, Eteinas, Forcejackal Muffler (lvl 45)

Golden Bark: War Hero Shield (lvl 43), Phoenix Heart Shield (lvl 40); Divine Protection (lvl 43), Spider Protection (lvl 47)

Golden Button: Unbreaker (lvl 55)

Hard Leather : Sephiroth, Mithril, and Freya Helm (lvl 44); Mithril, Syron, Tatoram Cap (lvl 44)

Magic Alchemy Powder: lvl 45-50 weapons and Rising Phoenix (lvl 41 staff), Du-Sith, Angurvadal (lvl 49), Red Blood (lvl 46), Godfinger (thanks soulidarity)

Magic Bark: Sylma, Ebony, and Wilarin Pants (lvl 38), Poruba Pants (lvl 40); Legion, Serche, Ysliom Leggings (lvl 38), Suitroom, Trompe Leggings (lvl 40)

Magic Clover: Mirage, Unicorn, and Loxe Boots (lvl 30); Anga, Morcelle, Terron Walker (lvl 30)

Magic Crystal: Bronze, Dendron, and Leather Boots (lvl 9), Bronze, Dendron, and Leather Pants (lvl 10); and lvl 11-14 weapons, and Defender Shield (lvl 7); Chain-Steel, Blitz, Brutal Walker (lvl 9), Chain-Steel, Blitz, Brutal Leggings (lvl 10), Pelta (lvl 7)

Magic Iron Powder: Phoenix Shield (lvl 31); Ice Thorns Guard (lvl 31)

Magic Leather: Tower Shield (lvl 37), Nomoun Shield (lvl 41); Tower Guard (lvl 37), Golden Skeleton (lvl 41)

Magic Spool: Sylma, Ebony, and Wilaren Boots (lvl 37); Legion, Serche, Ysilom Walker (lvl 37)

Manitou Core: Mirage, Unicorn, and Loxe Helm (lvl 30); Anga, Morcelle, Terron Cap (lvl 30)

Nightmare Core: lvl 35-38 weapons (except lvl 36 staff), and lvl 31 staff, and Bastion of Greed (fighter lvl 35 epic), and Pan's Shot (lvl 41 bow, thank you kimberfan), and lvl 25 epic bow (thank you kimberfan), and lvl 39-42 weapons (Pando drops?) (Yelloster, Gilter, Purple Spear, God Actis, Zuanda, Pan's Shot, Blue Ruby, Gesewopu) and lvl 25 and 35 epic weapons

Nightmare Crystal: Lvl 5-8 weapons

Nightmare Essence: Plate, Terra, and Thathar Gauntlets (lvl 22); Axo, Hearth, Lusco Muffler (lvl 22)

Old Cloth: Copper, Cloth, and Cotton Boots (lvl 3), Copper, Cloth, and Cotton Pants (lvl 4); Steel, Toga, Pelt Walker (lvl 3), Steel, Toga, Pelt Leggins (lvl 4)

Rand Stone: Naseemprion (lvl 46 UoF Staff)

Rough Leather: Bronze, Leather, and Dendron Gauntlets (lvl , Bronze, Leather, and Dendron Armor (tops) (lvl 11); Chain-Steel, Blitz, Brutal Muffler (lvl , Chain-Steel, Blitz, Brutal Protector (lvl 11)

Rough Metal Piece: Adamas, Hermit, Python Cap (lvl 51)

Rough Wild Leather: Plate, Terra, and Tathar Pants (lvl 24); Axo, Hearth, Lusco Leggings (lvl 24)

Scorpian Leather: lv 53-54 weapons

Silver Powder: lvl 1 weapons

Soul Core: Plate, Terra, and Tather Boots (lvl 23); Axo, Hearth, Lusco Walker (lvl 23)

Soul Crystal: Lvl 16-20 weapons and lvl 16 staff.

Soul Essence: Mirage, Unicorn, and Loxe Armor (tops) (lvl 32); Anga, Morcelle, Terron Protector (lvl 32)

Stable Core: 54 sheild

Spirit Core: Lvl 21-26 weapons (except the lvl 26 staff) and the lvl 21 staff

Spirit Crystal: Copper, Cloth, and Cotton Gauntlets (lvl 2), Copper, Cloth, and Cotton Armor (lvl 5), and Round Shield (lvl 1); Steel, Toga, Pelt Muffler (lvl 2), Steel, Toga, Pelt Protector (lvl 5), Lozenge Guard (lvl 1)

Spirit Essence: Metal, Hard Leather, and Quine Gauntlets (lvl 15), Metal, Hard Leather, and Quine Armor (tops) (lvl 18), and Hoplon Shield (lvl 13); Scale, Metron, Hive Muffler (lvl 15), Scale, Metron, Hive Protector (lvl 18), Targe (lvl 13)

Spirit Lost: Sylma, Ebony, and Wilaren Gauntlets (lvl 36); and lvl 41-44 weapons (except staffs and daggers) and lvl 36 staff, Piku Hawk (thanks soulidarity) and lvl 40-47 limited weapon drops (Masinga, Xera, Visible Dragon, RachromaVan, Piku Hawk, Eira's Embrace); Legion, Serche, Ysilom Muffler (lvl 36)

Spirit Silk: Mithril, Freya, and Sephiroth Gauntlets (lvl 43); Mithril, Syron, Tatoram Muffler (lvl 43)

Wild Leather: Sylma, Ebony, and Wilarin Armor (tops) (lvl 39); Legion, Serche, Ysilom Protector (lvl 39), Suitroom, Nevel, Trompe Protector (lvl 40)

wiki drop list

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PostSubject: Re: Enchament Items to save.   Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:08 pm

Stable Core - 54 sheild
Scorpian Leather - lv 53-54 weapons
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Enchament Items to save.
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