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PostSubject: Accuracy,Dmg,Ele.Crit...Calculators   Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:55 am

by 25 Jan 2010, 10:14 tho, for the accuracy one, i do not understand the fomuma
put 2 constant value in the calculation which i've never heard and
would like to see the theory o.o (prolly it came from mass samples of

for the 2nd one, dmg with critical factor, it is kinda wrong.
1) the critical chance isnt simply

"luc/5*100% + 15% [bash buff]",

it goes actually lower for some reason, it is more likely

luc/5* 100% * (1+15%).

it is much depending on bless and target's luc, which is hard for running an precise critial hits chance % test.

2) the critical dmg isnt simply

Normal hit dmg * 1.5

Fill in yellow. The answer will be in decimal form. ie 0.5 would mean 50%.
difference factor doesn't seem to be quite right, but it should be
accurate for the most popular lvl 60 v lvl 60,lvl 30 v lvl 30,lvl 15 v
lvl 15.

Again fill in the yellow. Incorporates luc, ele, crits, pvp, pve (pvp and pve implement ele bonuses slightly differently)
difference for pve will be factored in when it can be figured out how
to do so correctly (level difference does not affect crit chance or
damage in pvp, though 'critical evasion' from your opponents luc may
cause your crit rate to drop)
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