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PostSubject: GUILD RULES PLEASE OBEY!!!!   Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:15 pm

We been having problems lately that i shall look into. So now im putting rules into the guild.

[1] When a rank to ask for you to do something please follow their order because they work directly under me.

[2] Please do not disrespect your guildies in anyway. SPECIALLY LEADERS if found disrespecting u maybe kicked if u r warned and keep doing

[3] We are tryin to keep order to do this we need all members to gather items we can turn in for etin coins standing with this ..u r NOT aloud to sell any items that can be used to collect etin coins..if found doing so u may be kicked immediately .

[4] Try to keep the love please and no fighting one another.

[5] You will not kill steal. This includes attacking another player's monster and stealing aggro from another player. This doesn't mean you have to be pushed around and shoved out of the area you have been in. If someone else is pushing you out of your area. Please contact an officer for help. You do have the right to try and keep the area you have been grinding in.

[6] You will not insult other players regardless of guild. This includes insults on race, kill stealing, age, ***, name, or class. (This includes calling others noobs)

[7] You will not sell in guild chat. Ap items & expensive gear are an exception, as you spent your own real life money on it. There is a area for trading gear of expense please post what u would like to sell or trade ...NOT in GC

[8] You will party with other guild members. This means, you may solo occasionally, but why join a guild if you're a solo player? And you may not exclude other classes from your party. Don't use the excuse, he's too low. the party limit is 7 levels. say a 33 mage wants to join a 40 mage party, and they're killing lower level mobs and the party isn't full, it's the right thing to take said mage in. Remember, a balanced party is the best kind of party. Fighters, defenders, rangers, archers, mages, priests, all do their part well when grouped with each other.

[9] You will be active in guild chat. If you don't chat in the guild chat, I'll assume you're inactive. If you don't speak english, there are people from all over the world, type your language in and I'm sure someone will reply.

[10] You must be willing to bring in your personality on guild chat. No one likes a silent player in guild.

[11] You will help other guild members have fun. We as guild leaders are willing to help you enjoy the game as much as possible. But we are not on-line all the time.

[12] You will be allowed to use language, but use it sparingly and be mature about it.

[13] You will check our website at least once a week to catch up to speed on our events and PvP parties.

[14] If you're new and don't understand something you are FULLY allowed to ask any question, no matter how stupid you might think it is.

[15] If you have problems with another guildie, please attempt to talk it out in a civilized manner. If you can't, ask someone to mediate between both of you until you reach some kind of understanding.

[16] BEGGING for money, plv, or items of any kind in GC or from any officer or member is PROHIBITED.....if once warned and u don't stop u WILL BE KICKED...

[17] Lieing to any officer or the leader can be lead to an automatic kick from guild or probation depending on the servarity.

[18] Duel Guilding (having toons in more then 1 Teos Light Guild) as of 12 September 2010 will not be tolerated. Unless it has been aproved by Thundar or Fox. You will be kicked from guild without question. This is a factor of Loyalty plain and simple. If your in multiple guilds its hard to judge your true loyalty to this guild.

I'm still looking into more stuff and if there are different problems can u please let me know and ill fix it. Thank You All , Thundar & Fox/Angel(co-leader)

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