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 Guild House info

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PostSubject: Guild House info   Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:04 pm

First a link to a great thread:

This thread explains in detail what you can get at the GH merchents

Etin is needed to keep the GH open. It cost 2000 Etin per week to keep it open, and much more needed as you get upgrades. (AZs GH was full upgraded and cost over 3.5k etin.

Due to various reasons the etin drop rate was severly cut. This is due to people selling etin at exorbent rates insted of helping theri own guild (if they were in one). 1k etin can sell for its npc price[no im not telling the amount] 100 etin and 1k etin had the potential to crash the games econ. As a result GMs got permision to lower the drop rate.

At present there are 3 ways to get etin:
1) Relic quest
2) Apulune/Iris quest
3) GRB

1) I donot know much on the relic quest but have heard 1 etin are the reward. What i know for certian is that you must be in the pty that captured the relic from the opposing faction.

2) Apulune/Iris quest is a tierd quest and we need Earth Alchmey Powder for it. It take around 3.5k Etin and the reward is 1000Etin. EAP drops from map 1 mob, Earth and water drop them. For light side Cornwell Toads, and bears north of Keo have highest drop rate.

3) 1Etin drop from all GRB mobs, with 1etin droping from the bosses.
At present our main goal in grb is to take down the 15 and 30 bosses to open the way for 31+ to help storm 16-30. [To be expanded]

Foxy,Final, and myself collect the EAP and Etin. I take the etin if Fox is not on or unable and give them to her.

I ask everyone to help us get our GH up and running. We need to work together for grb and collect Eap
The advantages a GH could give us will help KoE reach its goal.

Edit: As of Eps 4 the repeatable quests will give a 1 Etin coin as a reward choice.
Save up the items for it and turn in Very Happy

this is a suggestion for those who will listen to it
not many listen to me anyway
>.> no comment

1-18 nothing really

18-20 beholders and harpies under ark.......essence of with ( etin)
20-25 sealakels under ark.........broken cores(etin) spirit cores(helm+gold) fools gold(gold) dread quests( do i really need to comment)
25-28 pirates N bears in white sand harbor......... spirit cores(quest+gold) broken cores(etin)
28-30 orces infront ot mait ...... gold scissors (etin) nightmare cores(gold+ higher lvl helm not for grb)

the spirit cores go for a good 500K each same for nightmare cores >.>
they will stack up
they will make you some cash
those who do not have a GRB toon should be plvl'd in this way to for one
plvl the GRB toon
for 2 it makes decent etin
and 3 will make you some gold in the procces
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Guild House info
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